Amy Schooler

Physical Education Teacher

Hearing Aid: Microtech Axio 32 CIC

“I discovered a whole new world.”

Chuck Hurst

Bus Driver

Hearing Aid: Microtech Vector RIC

“I am very pleased with my Microtech hearing aids. I previously owned a pair of canal aids and am now enjoying the behind the ear hearing aids.”

Rosie Bumgardner


Hearing Aid: Microtech Mobility 50

“NORDSTAR Audiology is wonderful.” … “I can not only hear now but also the aids are made in such a way that they are not noticeable. My best friends never knew unless I told them.”

Raymond E Taylor

Hearing Aid: Microtech Axio ST 16

“Now that I have my Microtech Axio ST 16 hearing aids, my family enjoys listening to T.V. at a normal volume.”